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Tesla’s referral program offer of free supercharging for life might end on April 30

Tesla have long offered a referral program, where current Tesla owners can entice anyone they know interested in the brand with a dedicated link to place their order for a Model X or S – not for Model 3 reservations, unfortunately.

If they use the Tesla referral program, the new owner currently receives the ability to supercharge for free at Tesla’s growing network of superchargers, plus the first new owner taking up a referral also receives $700 of Tesla vehicle or lifestyle accessories.

Naturally, we have our own Tesla referral program link you can use if you’re considering a new Tesla before the referral program ends – that’s my Model X in the picture above. Thanks for supporting the site if you do!

The offer of free supercharging for your life of ownership of the vehicle hasn’t yet been reconfirmed for the next round of the referral program beginning on May 1st, so if you’re seriously considering a Tesla order, now could be the time to take the plunge. We would expect it to return, but there’s always a change this could change.

Tesla referral program benefits for purchasers

The key benefit for a long time had been the equivalent of around a $1,000 USD discount, which is $1,400 for Australia – but unfortunately that disappeared in 2017.

Instead, there’s now the offer of unlimited free supercharging for as long as you own your Model S or X – the referral offer is not available on Model 3 reservations unfortunately.

Otherwise if you order without a referral, Tesla are now also only offering new Tesla owners a limited amount of free supercharging on their supercharger network, meaning those who supercharge often will eventually need to pay for the privilege.

Historically, many owners would have received free supercharging tied to the vehicle itself, either from an early Tesla purchase or from a referral purchase which offered this benefit. This is why you see this offered with many used Teslas. That’s now not the case.

Tesla referral program benefits for existing owners

These have differed over the last few years, with Tesla refining the incentives for owners to use the referral program as their business has grown and new products have become available.

The full list of benefits for the referral program from May 1st 2018 are as follows:

1 to 2 Qualifying Referrals:
Owners can choose either of the options below for each of their first and second referrals.
Signature Black Wall Connector
This matte black Wall Connector is exclusive to the Referral Program and includes an etch of Elon’s signature. This award will start shipping in June.
$700 Tesla Credit
Use it towards vehicle accessories, service, or a new car. Credits are valid for 12 months from the referral delivery date.

3 Qualifying Referrals:
Early Access Token for Solar Roof
Be one of the first to get Solar Roof with this early-access token for priority scheduling of a Solar Roof installation. If you do not use this award, the token may be given to a friend.

4 Qualifying Referrals:
Owners can choose either of the options below for their fourth referral.
21” Arachnid Wheels for Model S or 22” Turbine Wheels for Model X
Enhance the performance of your Tesla with these exclusive wheels.
One Week with Model S or Model X
Experience a new Model S or Model X for one week—at home or on the road. If you do not use this award, this exclusive test drive may be given to a friend.

5 Qualifying Referrals:
Tesla Unveiling Invitation
Experience an official unveiling event. Owners who reach five referral orders will be invited to a future unveiling event. Your VIP invitation will be valid for you and one guest.
Founders Series Powerwall 2
Store energy for future use and provide backup power with this red, limited-production Powerwall 2 home battery.

The benefits are cumulative – it’s not a credit based system – and change a few times per year, with the referral program refreshing at Tesla’s whim.

The current terms and benefits of the Tesla referral program for Australia are here.

How do you find your own Tesla referral link?

As a Tesla buyer, you’re best off reaching to people you know who own a Tesla or a Powerwall already, and becoming better friends!

Alternatively, there a myriad of Youtubers, Instagrammers and yes, Bloggers, you can support by using their link – guilty as charged.

If you enjoy their content, it’s a pretty good reward. So on that note, if you are looking for your own referral link: http://ts.la/keith3941 (that’s the last time, I promise).

As a Tesla owner, just log into your Tesla account and you can’t miss your own link on the welcome screen.

Can a referral be placed after you have placed an order?

If you have an active Tesla order and you haven’t applied a referral, you may still be able to. Get in touch with your delivery specialist and supply them with your preferred referral link and see what they can do.

Summing up – the Tesla referral program

Referral and loyalty programs are commonly used to gamify consumer behaviour but Tesla’s is unique to the car industry, with an easily used link-based system and some generous rewards.

If you’re considering ordering a Tesla, it’s usually a no-brainer to seek out a referral link before you do.

Keith enjoys nerding out about Electric Vehicles, owning a BMW i3, Tesla Model X and now, running Drive Zero .

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