VW Golf GTE review from Fully Charged

Jonny Smith reviews the Golf GTE, the plug in hybrid performance hatchback variant of the iconic VW Golf – that’s not available in Australia. Yet.

The GTE offers around 50km of pure battery range from an 8.7 Kwh battery, which would be enough for most of the day-to-day driving I do in the i3. I’d have be way more religious about charging it every night though.

If you add some old-fashioned petrol, you can get a total possible range of about 930km, which is huge – plus (but best to say ‘or’) the performance aspect that comes with the GTE badge.

I’d put money on this coming to our shores in 2018, although there’s no word from VW Australia on this for now.

LEVIAMP ceiling mounted EV charger

Featured in a recent episode of Fully Charged (a must subscribe for any EV fan) was the LEVIAMP from EasyCharge.

This German company has come up with a clever solution for car parks to provide easy to install EV charging in locations that don’t have a wall to install a conventional destination charger on.

Chuck it on a ceiling and there’s a rotatable arm that drops down to plug into! It can be shared across multiple spots too – up to 4 parking spots for 1 charger. The LEVIAMP also doubles as a light source with LEDs. Perfect for brightening up dingy car parks. If you’d like more details on the LEVIAMP, view this PDF brochure.