Charge Amps – HALO Wallbox™ Home & Commercial Charging



Up to 3.7KW via Single Phase & Up to 11KW via Three Phase

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Reliability is the essence of EV charging.

A smart, trustworthy, and efficient charging station is something every EV owner should prioritize. HALO Wallbox™ is Charge Amps’ compact and reliable charging station integrated with smart software and made of durable recycled aluminum. Together with an intergrated cloud service it gives you full visibility and control. The smart timer- and lock functions will ease your everyday EV life in many ways.

HALO Wallbox™ is one of the smallest charging stations available and comes equipped with a fixed cable. This allows you to plug in your car easily without having to get a separate cable every single time, which is a major convenience.


  1. Configured with either Type 1 (J1772) or Type 2 (Mennekes) connectors
  2. Supports up to 32A via Single or Three Phase
  3. Mounted on a fixed wall or optional bollard
  4. 7.5m cable length
  5. Auto Charging recovery (in the event of power disruption) 
  6. Over Current protection 
  7. RCM and Electrical Safety compliant
  8. IEC 62196 and 61861 compliant
  9. RCD self-testing prior to each charging session
  10. Low power consumption when idle, <5W in standby
  11. WiFi and cloud connectivity
  12. IP67 rated so can be mounted outside
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