Charging At Westfield Shopping Centres

Not too long ago in March 2017 Westfield announced that in partnership with BMW and ChargePoint they had rolled out 40 EV charging stations to 10 of their shopping centre locations.

Since then they have slightly expanded the program and allowed thousands of their shoppers to charge their electric cars for free. Let’s have a look at their charging network so you’re fully informed the next time you stop by.

Which Westfield shopping centres offer EV chargers?

A BMW i3 charging at a ChargePoint charger

To begin with we need to know which of their shopping centres actually have charging points as not all of them do. Westfield currently operate 35 centres throughout Australia and as of writing this (April 2017) only 11 of these have chargers.

Some inventive EV owners have managed to find… how shall we say, less supported EV charging stations (eg this one), but in terms of officially supported EV charging stations there are only 11 Westfields that have them.

These 11 are:

  1. BONDI JUNCTION – Bondi Junction NSW
  2. CARINDALE – Carindale/Brisbane QLD
  3. CHATSWOOD – Chatswood NSW
  4. CHERMSIDE – Chermside/Brisbane QLD
  5. DONCASTER – Doncaster VIC
  6. MIRANDA – Miranda NSW
  7. PARRAMATTA – Parramatta NSW
  8. SOUTHLAND – Cheltenham VIC
  9. SYDNEY – Sydney NSW
  10. WARRINGAH MALL – Brookvale NSW
  11. WODEN – Woden ACT

Westfield did claim that they were going to continue expanding the network over time but seeing as it’s been over a year now and they’ve only managed to bring another one location online I wouldn’t hold my breath.

That being said 11 locations is pretty good and manages to cover the entire East coast section. Hopefully WA and SA will get some love soon too.

How many, what type and are they free?

As listed above there are 11 locations. Below I’ve gone through and specified what plug types they each have available, the number of those plugs and any notes you should be aware of.

If there are no notes next to the locations then you can assume the charging points are both free and that you won’t have to pay for parking either while using the charger. This actually brings up a quite widely unknown fact about EV charging which is that it is predominantly free.

Westfield CentrePlug TypeNumberNotes
BONDI JUNCTIONJ-177262 available with valet parking ($15)
4 available for 2 hours free
CHATSWOODJ-1772 + Tesla3 + 13 hours free parking
SOUTHLANDJ-177243 hours free parking
SYDNEYJ-1772 + Tesla2 + 2Valet parking fee applies
WODENJ-17722Tesla adaptor at Info desk

Of course for the ones that don’t have Tesla Destination Chargers owners can always just use an adaptor too. As such almost any EV can use these chargers even though it was rolled out with the help of BMW.

Depending on the charger, how many other EV’s are charging at the same time, whether you’re using an adaptor and of course what car you’re charging the charge rate can vary a bit. Most of the time though people report getting around 4-7 kW’s.

Why are they offering this?

As stated in their press release, one of the main reasons Westfield has done this is to “positions Westfield shopping centres as the leading shopping destinations for EV drivers.

As most EV’s are rather expensive here in Australia – eg Tesla’s starting at $125,000+ or BMW’s i3 coming it at around $80,000 – it’s not hard to realise that anyone who has the money to buy one likely has some spare cash lying around they could also spend at a shopping centre.

So it makes a lot of sense for Westfield to promote this as it’s a win / win for them. They attract high profile, likely quite wealthy shoppers and at the same time get great street cred by being supportive of green technologies in Australia. It also helps prove to people that you don’t have to wait for charging infrastructure to roll out, it’s already here now!

Hopefully they roll out the program to all their other locations and possibly even expand it at the ones they already have it at. While they only have around 2-4 parking spots at each location it’s possible we could see rows and rows of electric only charging spots in the not too distant future.