Blacktown getting fancy EV charging wi-fi light poles

Blacktown, a Western Sydney suburb, will be installing up to 10 new light poles with EV chargers in ’em, as well as free wi-fi. 

These futuristic luminaires will be installed by ENE-HUB, will apparently cost $30,000 and be ready for all those Blacktown residents chomping at the bit to charge their electric cars in around six months.

There are no specs on charge rates or connector types from any of the info being given out online, although their product imagery shows the Euro standard Mennekes connector which most EVs in Australia (outside of Tesla) aren’t compatible with.

Autotalk mentions a couple of install locations as ‘three on Main St and one on Flushcombe Rd at Blacktown.’

Ene-Hub is also listing a number of other installed locations across Sydney by end of 2017.

Each pole seems to be a modular design and can also house smart lighting and a range of optional connected power and ‘smart city’ functions depending on the use case for each installation. Some seem to already be in place in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens – although its not clear if any of these include EV charging units.

There’s no real justification for Blacktown installing these chargers except for the mayor’s penchant for it and wanting to be the “ice-breaker” for other councils to do the same. It’s a bit of a chicken and egg scenario – no chargers, and people will be reluctant to get an EV when they eventually go on sale here in Australia at a price people without six figure salaries can afford.

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