JAX Tyres announces 89-site nationwide EV charging network

Good news for EV owners – JAX Tyres is partnering with EVolution to install EV chargers at 89 of its stores across Australia. The first site is now live at 98 Logan Road, Woolloongabba, in South Brisbane and more will be rolled out throughout 2019.

The public JAX Charging network will be made up of a combination of Charge-Amps AURA Dual Port AC 22KW EVSEs and Tritium DC Fast Chargers. The latter of which will be very useful for EV road trippers! To top it all off, charging will be “forever free”.

The CEO of JAX Tyres said that the chargers mean “JAX Tyres will keep its position as a leading innovative technology driven retailer and our commitment to delivering market leading customer services”. I hope more stores follow JAX’s lead, particularly with DC fast chargers – Victoria in particular urgently needs more of those.

Full press release is available here.

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    1. I bought the Michelin primacy 3 ST which seem to be low rolling resistance. The original factory energy savers are not available in my size. I did see the Tesla model S has the Michelin Primacy 3ST

      1. Thanks Paul. Good to know. Any more (info/comparisons) regarding the change-over would be interesting.

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