Tesla outlines plans for new 6 new public superchargers in Sydney alongside new standalone service centre

Tesla has lodged a development application to run a service centre operation at 118 Bourke Road in Alexandria, with 6 public supercharger stalls included in the application which will greatly help the accessibility of superchargers in Sydney once complete.

As far as we know, the current Tesla stores / show rooms in St Leonards and Martin Place aren’t going anywhere, but the Star Casino’s superchargers were removed earlier this year, leaving a gap for anyone hunting for a supercharger south of the Harbour Bridge.

First seen via the TOCA Facebook group, the new Tesla Sydney Service Centre in Alexandria will give a boost in capacity for Tesla servicing – and possibly delivery capability for new owners too.

All screenshots of plans and images of the existing site are from the DA.

Interior plan showing customer and “distribution” areas.

Tesla are keen to stress in the DA that the building usage remains a “warehouse and distribution facility”, and won’t include public access beyond the installation of the superchargers which are just inside the main entrance. It’s clear that the superchargers will be available 24/7 though.

Superchargers next to the main entrance gate on Bourke Road

Incidentally, Volkswagen use the adjoining unit for the same purpose – warehousing and distribution.

Existing site exterior and interior images, as shown in the development application.

The activities at the facility outlined in the application are listed as follows:

Proposed Operational Activities

  • Vehicle owners will be contacted by Tesla Motors Australia Pty Ltd when servicing is required
  • An option for valet service will be provided whereby Tesla staff will pick up and return the vehicle to/from the owner’s location
  • The Tesla vehicle will be driven on site within the building. Customers only drive to the service bay area and Tesla staff drive internally, as they will be familiar with the on site design and vehicle arrangement
  • Vehicle charging will be provided at the service centre, where Tesla owners will be able to arrive at the site and charge their vehicles at the bays external to the building at any time of the day (anticipated to charge within 30 minutes).

Vehicle storage area for vehicles awaiting delivery

The estimated cost of the works – which includes reconfiguration of the site to Teslas plans, signage and a new reception and customer waiting area is north of $2.3mn, so in my (totally uneducated) opinion we probably wouldn’t see the centre open before late 2018 or sometime in 2019 – although I guess the superchargers could open sooner. Given the proximity of the proposed centre to the airport, the CBD, and some of the main north-south arterial roads transiting the Sydney it’s well-sited for a number of reasons.

All up, with the Model 3 arriving on Australian shores in 2019, if approved this will be a key facility for Tesla owners in Sydney as well as those travelling through.

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