Jaguar announces plan to upgrade all its Australian dealerships with DC Fast Chargers in next 1-3 years

Jaguar has announced that it will be spending upwards of $4 million dollars to add 150 DC Fast charging points to 45 of its dealership locations across Australia.

With the new, exciting Jaguar I-PACE coming out this year they’re upping their commitment with this great move. The charging points will be installed by JET Charge and with 150 of them over 45 locations that should mean around 3 points per dealership on average. The announcement was made in a session on Electric Vehicles at the Renewable Cities conference in Adelaide.

A public DC fast charger built by JET Charge. Source: JET Charge

The I-PACE uses the Type 2 (Mennekes) / CCS Combo1 plug (seen below) to charge so we should assume this is what JET Charge will be installing. If you want to get a better idea of what all these plug names are and look like check out our beginners guide to charging here.

Jaguar I-Pace Charge Port

According to Jaguar, the I-PACE has a 490 km range and is able to charge at a number of different rates depending on how powerful the charger is:

7 kW Home Charging: 35 km of range per 1 hour
50 kW Public DC Charging: 270 km of range per 1 hour
100 kW Public DC Charging: 100 km of range per 15 minutes

However it’s not clear which type of DC charging they will be installing. Hopefully they roll out full 100 kW DC Fast Chargers to all of the dealerships but only time will tell.

New year, new models

The Range Rover Sport PHEV. Source: Land Rover

According to GoAuto who discussed the matter directly with JLR Australia managing director Matthew Wiesner, Jaguar has been working with JET Charge for a while as well as slowly rolling out upgrades to its metro and rural dealerships. This is not just to accommodate the I-PACE, but also to help with the PHEV versions of the Range Rover Sport and Range Rover.

We’ve got to be ready for those three models, of course the (Range Rover) PHEVs are first in around the second quarter next year, to be then followed by I-Pace. – Mr Wiesner

He has also previously mentioned that a number of premium car manufacturers are apparently in “ongoing” discussions about rolling out a national EV recharging network to rival the Tesla Superchargers. There’s no current news on this just yet though.

Where are the Jag chargers exactly?

These ongoing discussions about a rival network could be the reason behind why Jaguar is only rolling out fast chargers to its dealerships. While having more chargers available is always great, most owners charge their EV’s at home and so don’t really need them inside metro areas.

When they do need them though is driving between cities such as Sydney or Melbourne. This is the entire reason behind the Tesla Supercharger network and a key reason why people love their Tesla’s so much.

A map of current Jag dealerships around VIC and NSW

Interestingly though Jag seems to have a number of dealerships in rural areas meaning you could potentially do a very standard Sydney to Melbourne trip once they were installed.

As you can see in this Google Maps route here, it’s not the most direct route – but not terrible either. Leaving Sydney on a full charge of 490km, you’d head to their Lennock Jag dealership that’s 300km away leaving you with around 190km or 40% charge left upon arrival.

After charging up about 250km of range (about 37 minutes @ the 100 kW rate) you’d head to their Blacklocks Jag dealership that’s 345km away. At this point you’d have around 100km left (20%) so you’d want to charge up another 300km (about 45 minutes @ the 100 kW rate). Then you’d head straight to Melbourne which would be 333km away.

So all in all you’d have to make two ~40 minute stops driving from Sydney to Melbourne. Given you are probably stopping every 2-4 hours to rest, walk around, eat or go to the toilet etc – not to mention stop the kids from complaining or your bum from going numb. It’s not quite as direct (at this point) as driving the route in a petrol or diesel, but at least it’s doable.

A great start for Jaguar

One of the very luxurious I-PACE interior options

Hopefully this is just the start for Jaguar. With the Federal government doing nothing to encourage EV’s it’s great to see a major car manufacturer using it’s existing infrastructure to make big, bold roll outs like this.

If the “ongoing” talks about a Supercharger network rival is also true we could see a number of large charging networks being rolled out over the next 1-3 years. While there is already a number of huge charging networks deployed nationwide, having large car manufacturers promote them more will only help spread the word faster.

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