Volkswagen’s Vizzion concept EV sedan could be a reality by 2022

Volkswagen has yet another concept electric car – the Vizzion. It’s part of the “ID” line of concepts (remember that VW minibus?) that VW claim will hit the road by 2022 at the latest.

The Vizzion contains a 111kWh battery for ~650km of range and a dual motor setup that has a 75kW motor for the front and a 150kW motor for the rear. The concept car has no pedals, or a steering wheel, as VW imagine the future of mobility as fully automated, but the production model based off the Vizzion will have a way for a human to drive it.

As usual with concept cars, who knows what will actually float down to production. Still, this one looks cool. Hurry up and make it Volkswagen!

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