Scott’s ownership story: Tesla Model X 75D

Quite often we get caught up in the news, the flashy concept cars, the amazing new technology and it's easy to forget that everyday, more and more Australians are going electric (or wanting to). They're normal people doing normal things just like you or I, but have taken the leap and switched to an EV.

Scott is the first person to chat to in our series of ownership stories, and has recently converted from driving a fossil fuel car to an EV by purchasing an ex demo Tesla Model X. Thanks Scott!

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So tell us a bit about yourself and your driving habits? Roughly how far do you drive everyday?

Most of my driving is a 15 minute commute to work along mostly slow moving roads. Then on weekends I’ll do longer drives to visit friends and family, mostly 30-45 minute drives.

What’s your day to day kind of car usage or needs?

Right now it’s just 1 or 2 person trips over short distances, sometimes with our two dogs. In the near future we’ll have a baby to fit in as well.

What’s the most extreme thing you’ll use your car for? (ie. the thing the car needs to do only twice a year, but that you really want to do)

Drive to the snow. This can be anywhere from 150-400 km away depending on which mountain we choose to go to. Often it’ll be with a couple of passengers and plenty of cargo too.

Why did you go electric?

I went electric as I hate using petrol. It’s expensive, inefficient, bad for the environment and I don’t like going to petrol stations. Being able to charge at home is great, especially as I have solar panels on my roof to charge it.

What car did you used drive before?

I had an Audi S3.

What electric vehicle did you choose?

The Tesla Model X 75D.

The car screen and app accurately portrays your car colour, status, type and even rims

What were the reasons that made you consider an EV originally? Was it a tough decision?

Originally it was the environmental factor. The only tough part was the cost. Being able to afford it is the only barrier I had stopping me.

What’s the biggest trade off you’ve had to make by going electric?

I do have to charge more often than I had to fill up on petrol. However as I do this at home it’s easy to do. That’s the closest thing to a trade off I’ve had to make as I can think of.

What options or extra did you choose with it?

I chose the metallic blue paint, the 75 kWh dual motor option (75D) as well as 22″ black rims, a white interior and the premium options package.

Does it fit your needs as you’d hoped?

It fits my needs extremely well. Probably better than I had hoped. I can see why people who go electric never want to stop driving!

How long do you see yourself keeping it for?

I’ll quite possibly drive this Model X for 5 years and then see if I can update to a newer model. But I’d be perfectly happy driving this car for a very long time.

Once the Falcon Wing doors open up you can see this great detail on the roof area

How do you charge your new EV?

I charge at home from the installed wall charger that we got for free with the car.

What have been the benefits of EV ownership?

Cheap recharging at home and knowing that the car is significantly less likely to have a mechanical fault both now and in the future.

What have been some unexpected benefits of EV ownership?

The main thing that caught me by surprise was how much control you have over the car at low speeds. Electric motors will happily give you a small amount of force which can make a tricky park a whole lot easier to navigate.

A close up of the front drivers seat head rest

Have you had any worries or bad stuff so far?

I nearly forgot to charge up once before a long drive, but I still remembered a few hours before we left and it easily charged up in time. Even if I had forgotten I just would have needed to charge at my destination which wouldn’t have been an issue.

Would you go back to a regular car?

I will never buy an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine)  vehicle again. Given the current trend I don’t think it will even be an option by the time I buy my next car.