Spotted @ Cars & Coffee Sydney – two Tesla Model X P100Ds

Cars & Coffee in Sydney was on this morning at Jones Bay Wharf – and a beautiful morning it was too, with Sydney Harbour giving us it’s best weather.

An array of Italian, German, modern and historic vehicles were out in force – maybe 50 or 60 vehicles all up – but two Tesla Model X P100Ds drew possibly the most interest of any of the cars there, and probably could out-drag most of them too.

My personal favourite of the two was this combination red and tan interior with black 21” inch wheels, brought to Cars and Coffee by a private owner who was (over-generously in my view) letting the public check out the inside of the car. Some people took that a bit far, though.

I had a brief chat and it seemed like he has had a mixed experience with Tesla, at best, with a raft of pre-delivery problems.

This dark grey P100D was brought by Tesla – I think – as it was initially surrounded by a bunch of guys in Tesla jackets chatting to prospects early in the morning.

However, as the morning wore on they disappeared, with the car closed up. I didn’t see it open again, which left the owner of the red P100D a bit unfairly swamped.

Regardless, it was interesting to see how much drawing power the Teslas had in an event which is celebrating performance cars and in the internal combustion engine.

I was hoping to catch a BMW i8 on show, but it wasn’t to be. Hopefully next time.

Keith enjoys nerding out about Electric Vehicles, owning a BMW i3, Tesla Model X and now, running Drive Zero .

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