Tesla adds certified, pre-owned vehicles section to their Australian website

Until now, the main way to search for a used Tesla was via the likes of carsales, carsguide and Drive.com.au for either official Tesla vehicles or private sales.

In the last day or so though, Tesla has launched the certified pre-owned section to tesla.com for Australian buyers, meaning you can browse local inventory of used Teslas – with pricing starting around the $90,000 mark for used Model S.

This section of the site splits the available vehicles in two, with ‘Inventory’ and ‘Used Inventory’ offering demonstrator and pre-owned vehicles.

Pre-owned inventory

Demonstrator inventory

Note though that the pricing shown on the listing page is tax exclusive, with estimated taxes shown with a state-by-state breakdown on the vehicle page itself. In short, don’t get too excited with the prices in the ‘Inventory’ section as you have to factor tax in on top.

Price before taxes…

… and then with tax calculated.

The Used Inventory vehicles all offer a limited 4 year / 80,000 km warranty with roadside assistance included from Tesla, and the majority also have free Supercharging included thanks to that option coming with the vehicle since new. There isn’t much detail available on the extent of the warranty in Australia as the links to further info on the Tesla site are currently dead, but as soon as I see that working I’ll dig in and take a look.

The “Used” section of the Tesla website also lets you search by price, colour and battery size, and once you’ve browsed around and found the Tesla you’re after, just drop $5k on your credit card online as a deposit to secure the vehicle as yours.

Most of the inventory I can see here is also up on carsales too, with a mixture of 2014-2015 Model S and a few demonstrator Model X and S in the used section, from what I can see. However, over time, I can imagine that Tesla may prefer to keep their inventory to themselves and control the buying experience end-to-end. This website functionality has been available in the US for a while now, and it’s good to see it in Australia too.

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