Tesla brings Model 3 to show rooms all around Australia

Tesla has sent out invites to Australian Tesla Model 3 reservation holders this week inviting them to take a first look at the car. It seems Tesla now has three separate Model 3 cars in Australia for people to “meet” and sit in at their stores.

Reports indicate that they will be holding events at Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane stores all on the same day which is August 21st. The three separate locations are all advertised on the car makers website as per the links below where (assuming you’re a reservation holder) you can go to and RSVP now.

The invite, shown below, which links to the above various web pages details what looks to be a great event for reservation holders.


Expect a queue!

On the invite pages Tesla sets out some basic rules plus also indicates that it might actually be a fairly busy event.

  • This is an invite-only event for Model 3 reservation holders
  • Reservation holders are permitted to bring one guest only
  • If you are not a reservation holder or the guest of a reservation holder, you will not be permitted entry to the event
  • Guests must arrive at the same time as the reservation holder
  • There are no set appointment times, please join the queue when you arrive
  • Due to demand, please expect wait times – particularly in the morning

On the Melbourne event page they even go as far to say don’t sleep over!

For your safety, Chadstone Shopping Centre asks that you do not camp out the night prior

While there’s no word on what configuration type or even colour the three Model 3’s at the different locations will be, it’s safe to assume they will only be the LHD models considering there haven’t been any RHD models built just yet.

While the Model 3 RHD for Australia isn’t expected to arrive here until at least mid 2019, there are rumours that there are upwards of 10,000 reservation holders in Australia.

You can also learn more about how much the Model 3 will cost, as well as play around with our calculator tool below too.

What about non-reservation holders?

While Model 3 reservation holders who put down $1,500 AUD over 2 years ago obviously get first dibs to sit in and see the car in person, it’s likely that after the initial reveal in stores the cars will remain there for a while.

That means even non-reservation holders should be able to stroll in, take a look and sit in the car. I recently got the chance to do just that in New York with a Midnight Silver Metallic colour one. You can see all the pictures and write up on it here.

Hopefully they have a few different colours on display here and even start to offer test drives soon. Even though Model 3 production has now increased to well over 5,000 units per week, Tesla seems to be mainly focusing on delivering to US customers in order to maximise their Federal Tax Credit scheme before it runs out.

Hopefully this Meet Model 3 event will start to reveal a whole lot more Australian specific details. Things like a concrete price or delivery date.

So did you get an invite? Which event are you going to? Let us know in the comments below and get in contact with us as we’d love to post pictures for those that can’t attend or for those not in VIC/NSW/QLD.

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