Elon is now personally in charge of achieving Tesla Model 3 production targets

The Information is reporting (article has an email-gate) that Elon Musk is taking direct control of the division of Tesla producing the Model 3 from current Senior VP on Engineering, Doug Field, according to two insider sources.

Apparently Tesla failed to hit their daily production goal of 500 Model 3 by the end of March, so Elon has stepped in to make this his personal priority.

Other tidbits of info on Model 3 production specifics from The Information article include:

Earlier this year, for instance, Tesla temporarily shut down Model 3 production that Mr. Field was overseeing while Tesla’s plant that makes battery modules for the car continued to ship battery units, one of these people said. The move gave the production side of the company a greater supply of batteries and the chance to show how quickly it could move with them. When that didn’t appear to make a big difference, several weeks ago Mr. Musk authorized the removal of some conveyor equipment at the company’s Fremont, Calif., plant that was contributing to a hold-up in delivering car parts to the production line, this person said. But that shift also failed to help speed up Model 3 production enough to hit the target.

One factor potentially complicating production is that while Tesla’s other cars, the Model S and Model X, are made in what is known as a linear process flow, Model 3 production is set up in a more convoluted fashion in order to allow for an exponential increase in production in the future, said the people familiar with the recent management change. The design includes additional robots, making it harder to bring humans into the production line as a stopgap to fix problems as they arise, according to a different person who has direct knowledge of manufacturing issues at Tesla.

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