Drive Zero Tesla Model 3 Australian Pricing calculator – now updated with latest Performance options pricing

For the time being, there is no confirmed final pricing available for a Model 3 in Australia… but that doesn’t stop us from trying to figure out how much we’ll be up for once they become available in 2019.

In late June Tesla announced a few tweaks to configuration and pricing of the Performance variant of the Model 3, so we have factored these into the calculator below.

Tesla Model 3 Australian Pricing Calculator

We’ve developed this price guesstimator / calculator for the Model 3 for when it lands in Australia, attempting to factor in what we do know about how Tesla prices the Model S and Model X locally.

We know the functionality isn’t quite 100% there on mobile – hint, swipe or scroll right. I’ll try and get it fixed at some point.

About the Model 3 options

For a full overview of configurations and options on offer, check out our full guide to the Tesla Model 3 here.

Our Model 3 AUD pricing assumptions

For anyone considering a Model 3 order, you’ll naturally want to know a bit more about how we have calculated these estimates.

First up, Elon Musk has stated that Tesla isn’t interested in jacking up prices in other markets, including Australia, just because they are outside the US.

We also verified that Tesla’s Model X and S options followed the same pricing conversion structure, and within 1-2% margin the price from USD -> AUD reflected this logic for those models. The difference is likely due to price rounding and exchange rate variance.

Given that, and that we now know the current pricing of base model and the available options in USD, we then applied the same conversion (based on approximate USD / AUD exchange rate of around 0.785) and rounded the pricing of base models and options to a likely headline price.

From there, we can then calculate the local pricing before state and federal taxes, so we’ve applied both the GST, LCT and state-specific Stamp Duty.

The base logic was originally researched by Rohan Anderson – so credit to him for sharing his efforts.

Keith enjoys nerding out about Electric Vehicles, owning a BMW i3, Tesla Model X and now, running Drive Zero .

Notable Replies

  1. Alex says:

    @keith great tool!.. however there’s quite a few mistakes in the calculator from what I can see.

    For example from what I can see on Tesla’s website the Premium Paint should be $1,400 not $1,500. Sports Wheels will most likely be $2,100 not $2,500 and the EA and FSD prices are also off too.

    I explain how I come up with these prices on an early post I did here. Those prices are a bit old but the method is still better I think.

    Also you’ve missed out on the Premium Upgrades Package and White Premium Interior which I’ve also done prices for. There’s also no mention of Local Rego Costs which I know are in VIC at least. It gets pretty complicated lol.

    Here’s my latest estimate for all the costs etc.

    Premium Paint$1,400
    19” Sport$2,100
    White Premium Interior:$4,600
    Premium Upgrades Package:$6,900
    Enhanced Autopilot:$6,900
    Full Self-Driving Capability$4,100

    And if we’re assuming NO added extras chosen (in VIC for example):

    Model:Base Cost:On Road Costs:Drive Away Price:
    Model 3 Standard$52,641$2,005$54,645
    Model 3 Long Range$66,177$3,761$69,938

    I think the tool is super useful but yeah, the prices don’t really make sense when you can look at Tesla’s website and - for example - see that EA costs $6,900 on the Model S. So why would it be MORE expensive on the Model 3?

  2. keith says:

    @Alex excellent rebuttal :slight_smile:

    Talking generally, the idea of taking a “tesla conversion rate” has merit but I thought it was worth breaking it down further in my calcs. Elon reckons pricing will be based on FX conversion + import duties and taxes so I have tried to get this updated again just now using more current FX rates and applying some more human filters against it too as per your suggestions.

    This leaves me with:
    Standard Base: this should be between $52,250 and $52,750 depending on the future XR. So I’m gong to split it down the model at $52,500.
    Long Range Base: this should be between $65,500 and $66,250 as above. I’m going to round that to $66k.
    19" Sport: I have this pegged at $2,200.
    White Premium Interior: not an option yet in the US so not speculating on this one.
    Premium upgrades: hard to see that pricing more than the Model S upgrades package: $6,900, agreed.
    Enhanced Autopilot: agree.
    Full self driving: agree.

    I hadn’t clocked that the Premium upgrades package wasn’t showing. It’s in there. That’s a bug.

    I hadn’t considered a comparison cost cap for options available on the 3 that are also on S/X and I you’re right, I can’t see how they could price them higher (even though the USD:AUD conversion maths should dictate they could be).

    Local registration costs I have missed out - in NSW it depends on what style of plate you order. That was getting too granular to want to build that in! But should only be a $100-$400 from what I understand.

    Thanks for the input, should all be fixed pretty soon.

  3. keith says:

    Calculator has now been updated to include TAS stamp duty at 4% for vehicles over $40k.

  4. This is a sweet tool. Expensive though :confused:

    Is it weird that adding EAP to my chosen build adds $10k thanks to LCT + stamp duty? I guess it’s going to be a bit cheaper to get it after delivery if it’s $8300 like the S. Is that what people usually do here?

  5. keith says:

    Yep, and I need to write an article on this. Although Tesla charges more for options that can be added after delivery, the charge is not as high as the option added pre-delivery with LCT on top. So do consider running the numbers and adding anything that can be added later, later.
    EAP on my Model X was bought on my iPhone about an hour after I took delivery of the car by credit card and activated almost immediately. Pretty amazing really.

  6. S.H says:

    Hi, Could you please update the article by adding Mid Range Option. Thnaks.

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