Drive Zero Tesla Model 3 Australian Pricing calculator – now updated with latest Performance options pricing

For the time being, there is no confirmed final pricing available for a Model 3 in Australia… but that doesn’t stop us from trying to figure out how much we’ll be up for once they become available in 2019.

In late June Tesla announced a few tweaks to configuration and pricing of the Performance variant of the Model 3, so we have factored these into the calculator below.

Tesla Model 3 Australian Pricing Calculator

We’ve developed this price guesstimator / calculator for the Model 3 for when it lands in Australia, attempting to factor in what we do know about how Tesla prices the Model S and Model X locally.

We know the functionality isn’t quite 100% there on mobile – hint, swipe or scroll right. I’ll try and get it fixed at some point.

About the Model 3 options

For a full overview of configurations and options on offer, check out our full guide to the Tesla Model 3 here.

Our Model 3 AUD pricing assumptions

For anyone considering a Model 3 order, you’ll naturally want to know a bit more about how we have calculated these estimates.

First up, Elon Musk has stated that Tesla isn’t interested in jacking up prices in other markets, including Australia, just because they are outside the US.

We also verified that Tesla’s Model X and S options followed the same pricing conversion structure, and within 1-2% margin the price from USD -> AUD reflected this logic for those models. The difference is likely due to price rounding and exchange rate variance.

Given that, and that we now know the current pricing of base model and the available options in USD, we then applied the same conversion (based on approximate USD / AUD exchange rate of around 0.785) and rounded the pricing of base models and options to a likely headline price.

From there, we can then calculate the local pricing before state and federal taxes, so we’ve applied both the GST, LCT and state-specific Stamp Duty.

The base logic was originally researched by Rohan Anderson – so credit to him for sharing his efforts.

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  1. This is a great estimator however it is slightly out of date in terms of exchange rates. I have created an excel document that isn’t based on exchange rates but rather the average percentage increase in price of the Model S and Model X from country to country. In other words I worked out the increase in price between the Model S in say the USA and the model S here, not accounting for difference currencies or anything just the numbers themselves. e.g in the USA the model S starts at $75,000, here is starts at $126,134. Granted this is a different currency, but the percentage increase (168%) still applies. I then did this for the model X as well and averaged out the percentage increases. I repeated this for 9 countries that also have the Model 3 available. I then used each respective percentage increase against the price of the Model 3 in each country to determine the cost of the Model 3 here, averaged all of them out and came to $68,764aud for the base model in Victoria. I would be happy to share it with you if you are interested.

    1. Hey Daniel – yes, the calculator is definitely out of date with the exchange rate and config options changing since we made it. With Tesla hopefully announcing RHD model 3 availability for AU soon I’m hoping we can just archive this calculator as it won’t be needed. If a delay is announced then we’ll definitely update it.

  2. Are you guys going to update this for the latest changes in pricing, and the Standard and Long Range changes with the premium and semi-premium inclusions, inclusions of enhanced auto-pilot, etc?

    1. At this point, no. The calculator is out of date in terms of the configurations now available, as you’ve noted, and also the exchange rate. We’re within weeks of (hopefully!) having AU Model 3 pricing announced and ability to order RHD so unless there’s some delay that’s announced we’ll just park the calculator as it won’t be needed. If there’s a delay I’ll definitely rework and update it.

      1. Haha looks like there was no need in the end 🙂

        Thanks for the hard work in the first place though!

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