Tips and tricks for finding a used Tesla Model S (in Australia)

In Australia, you’ll be lucky to find a used Model S for under $110,000 – I’ve been keeping an eye on carsales for a while, and that’s about the cheapest I have seen in the last 6 months.

Meanwhile, Electrek reports that in the US, a number of CPO (certified pre-owned) Model S are available through Tesla starting at around $40,000 US. Tesla in Australia doesn’t even run an official used car program – at least on their website anyway. You’ll find the odd used Model S cropping up in their dealer network, through private buyers, or specialist luxury car dealers.

It’s a different world outside Australia. I haven’t purchased a Model S myself but definitely considered it, and this is where I’ve started. These tips aren’t unique to Teslas, more just common sense. Maybe this will help.

Facelift or not?

One thing to decide is how fixed you are on acquiring a current model, at least in terms of appearance. The Model S received a facelift in April 2016 – the main indicator of this is the nose which loses the black oval, in place of a fixed colour throughout.

Tesla Model S 2015

Tesla Model S 2017

The updates were primarily on the exterior, but a few spec changes crept through as well. Deciding up front whether you are keen on an earlier model or not will limit (or open) your options.

Work with your local Tesla dealer

Get yourself into your local Tesla dealer – if you have one. Arrange a test drive, start chatting Tesla, and leave your details if they have an existing owner come in wanting to upgrade or offload their existing vehicle.

Monitor pricing on the usual used car websites

carsales is my online haunt of choice for keeping an eye on used inventory for any car I might be interested in. Set up instant, daily or weekly alerts for your spec of choice, and well, wait.

Join the Teslas for Sale by Owner Facebook group

You can find the group here, but be ready to wait. I have seen maybe two Australian listings in several months of (not actively) monitoring the group.

Join the Tesla Australia Owners Club

The Tesla Australia Owners Club is very active and offers an enthusiasts membership for $20 one-off, and another $20 annual fee. Get yourself along to an event, join their Facebook group, and keep your ear to the ground for an owner looking to upgrade.

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