Why Norway is full of Teslas

A great video from Vox, looking at why Oslo, and Norway in general, is full of electric vehicles. The answer? Their sovereign wealth fund.

The proceeds from fund investments, the capital for which is generated from Norways oil and petrol reserves, pay for the incentives for the population to shift to cleaner transport.

Can’t think what other country has an abundance of raw materials it’s pulling out of the ground and selling to everyone else. Oh yeah, Australia – but no wealth fund for us.

Performance Drive (Australia) reviews the Tesla Model S P100D

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We’re currently testing the P100D beast to see what it’s all about. And on first impressions, it is definitely quick. Like, hold-on-for-your-life quick. Seriously gut-wrenching. If you find it difficult to fully wake up in the morning, floor the throttle in this and you’ll be right awake, quick smart.

Audi promoting their shift to Formula E

Audi pulled out of their very successful endurance racing program last year, which saw them dominate at Le Mans using hybrid-diesel power. Instead, they are moving to Formula E.

The move is bold – but this is where they see the future of production vehicles, so to them it makes sense to move their R&D spend and promotional efforts that come from being involved in motorsport into Formula E.

More at audi.com/formulae. Via Inside EVs.