New 2018 Nissan Leaf hands on review from caradvice

The first in-depth reviews of the new Nissan Leaf are starting to appear, with caradvice’s detailed take rating the 2018 Leaf at 8/10.

Interestingly their review also speculates on costs and delivery:

When can we have the Leaf locally? Potentially as a Christmas present. In 2018. More than a year from now. When it will be priced at up to $50,000. Sure, that’s $15k cheaper than the BMW i3, but it’s also not a projected price point that will change the game.

They conclude:

The new Leaf is not the paradigm shift that the first one was, and it’ll need to keep improving in terms of driving range, cabin layout and partial autonomy if it’s to match the next crop of rivals launching around 2020. But credit to Nissan where’s it’s due. Just keep the momentum…

What happens when a Tesla Model X totally runs out of charge?

Youtuber Bjorn Nyland likes to push the limits in his Tesla Model X, having travelled over 100,000km around Norway and Europe, a lot of it with a trailer, and sharing his experiences with (excruciatingly) long videos.

For those with the technical mindset of wanting to know how things work in a bit more detail than the average person, I found this video revealing – Bjorn ran his Tesla completely out of charge (unintentionally), and recorded what he did to get his Tesla back on the road.

As you can imagine, his recommendation is to not try this at home. The world didn’t end but it was a big waste of time. Interesting to see how a Model X can be towed and jump-started though.