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Nissan, Delta, CSIRO & Victorian government kick off solar EV charging study

Nissan, Delta and the CSIRO are conducting a study funded by the Victorian state government of solar powered EV charging. Down at Nissan HQ in Dandenong, they’ve installed a small 5kW solar panel array, a 6kW battery and a 7kW AC EV charger with the aim “to confirm and enhance the environmental advantages, and cost savings, which come with owning an EV by maximising the use of renewable energies”.

Here’s some pictures of the unit looks like in the Nissan Australia HQ car park:

If you’d like to check them out for yourself, they’re for public use and listed on Plugshare.

Apparently there are plans for a solar, battery, EV charger combo system like this to be sold to Australian LEAF owners in the next year or so. Unfortunately no mention of V2H/V2G charging at this event. I would love to use the LEAFs battery to store power my solar panels generate during the day, then feed that back in to my house or even to the grid.

The CSIRO have a blog post about the study and here’s Nissan’s press release if you’d like a bit more info. If you’ve already got solar on your roof and have an EV, check out the Zappi EV charger, which you can actually buy now and use to charge your car from the sun.

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