New Nissan LEAF gets Australian launch

Nissan has officially launched the 2nd-generation LEAF in Australia, here’s what you need to know:

  • LEAF pre-orders are open now. Visit Nissan’s website to put your name down. Deliveries expected in August.
  • The LEAF comes in a single specification grade (fully kitted out) and costs $49,990 plus on-road costs. Nissan’s website has more details.
  • You’ll get around 270km (WLTP) range from the 40kWh battery.
  • Battery warranty is at least 9 bars of health (out of 12) within 8 years or 200,000km.
  • Comes with a type 2 AC charging socket (max 6.6kW) and CHAdeMO DC charging socket (max 50kW)
  • Bi-directional charging is built-in to the LEAF, for Vehicle to Home and/or Vehicle to Grid applications, but no information on how people can use it.
  • Australian LEAF owners will get “discounted rates when they use Chargefox fast charging stations nationally”. No other info besides this statement is available right now.
  • The larger battery, longer range (and more expensive) e+ variant of the LEAF hasn’t been offered to Nissan Australia yet.

Here’s a nice video of the LEAF driving around some Melbourne streets:

And finally, here’s some high-resolution photos of the interior and exterior of the Australian-specification LEAF.

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  1. What is simple terms difference between AH (BMW i3 94 AH) and KWH?
    I am a wheelchair user and easy with I3 to put my wheelchair into back seat while I am in drivers seat do not have to pass wheels and seat across between me and steering wheel

    1. Ah is ampere hours and kWh is kilowatt hours – both are ways of stating battery capacity. I don’t know why BMW use Ah when everyone else uses kWh, but it is what it is.

      According to Wikipedia, the 94Ah BMW i3 has a 33 (27.2 usable) kWh battery, with real world range of around 180km.

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