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Jaguar I-Pace officially revealed with timing, price – arrives in Australia in October 2019

Jaguar last night officially unveiled their first assault on the EV market, confirming timing, pricing and options for the Australian market.

The key stats:

  • Starting at around $119,000 before on-road costs
  • Available in 3 models – S, SE, HSE
  • 90Kwh battery
  • Estimated real-world range of 480km
  • Level 2 and DC fast charging via Type 2 / CCS connector
  • 0-100 km/h in 4.8s

With pricing set at $119k, this puts it below a Tesla Model X but bang in Model S territory, so this is very much a premium product as you’d expect from Jaguar. On-roads would usually include federal taxes such as GST and LCT, but exclude state-specific stamp duty, registration, CTP and dealer-specific delivery costs, so expect to see a base price creeping up to, and beyond, $130k.

The full launch video is below if you’re into that kind of thing – it’s about an hour long though, but worth watching if you’re seriously considering an order.

Jaguar have also launched their online configurator and I-Pace section of their website with a special first edition model launching with a bundle of upgrades for early buyers.

Some folks are calling the I-Pace a Tesla Model X competitor. In my view, it’s not – the Model X is substantially larger, with a seven seat option and offers different (not necessarily worse or better, just less known) technology from Tesla.

It’s the closest we have to a Model X in the EV market right now though, so I can understand the comparison – but it’s probably better to benchmark the I-Pace against similar premium petrol or hybrid mid-size SUVs – BMW X3, Audi Q5 for example. More to come in our full guide to the Jaguar I-Pace next week.

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