The Jaguar I-Pace Drive Zero Car Guide

Since 2015 the Tesla Model X has essentially stood alone as the only all electric SUV. Finally, after over 3 years, Australia is getting its second all electric luxury SUV in the form of the just announced Jaguar I-Pace.

With comparable acceleration times, range and features but with Jaguars prestigious name and heritage, the new I-Pace looks to be a fantastic competitor. Beyond that it also opens up the all electric options for those that prefer the legacy auto makers but still want to reap the benefits of an all electric drive train.

But first – is the Jaguar I-Pace really an SUV?

I will note one small point early on here though, which is that in all their advertising Jaguar refers to the I-Pace as an “SUV” however it doesn’t seem to really fit into that category or size. To give you a sense of how it compares to other common Australian cars – and other SUV’s – here are a few examples:

Jaguar I-Pace4.68m2.14m1.56m
Tesla Model X5.05m2.27m1.68m
Jeep Grand Cherokee4.82m1.94m1.80m
BMW X64.90m1.99m1.70m
Tesla Model S4.97m1.96m1.44m

As you can see, the I-Pace is considerably smaller than most other SUV’s out there, including the Tesla Model X which they make a big point of comparing it to in their videos. I also put the Tesla Model S in there at the end to show that from a pure dimensional point of view, it seems that the I-Pace seems more like a sedan or Tesla Model S competitor than a SUV – just a touch taller.

Obviously Jaguar is free to call the car whatever they want but given we won’t be able to see the I-Pace until later in the year I thought it might be handy for prospective buyers to get a better idea of exactly how big it is.

Drive Zero Car Guides are written for people trying to get a feel of the electric car landscape in Australia. We only wrote guides for battery (BEV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) electric vehicles that are confirmed to be on sale in the market in Australia now, or are coming soon.

Our goal is to summarise as much as you might want to know about the different considerations for each of these electric cars and who they may be useful for. That said, we’re not qualified car reviewers, so full reviews of these models, we’ve included the best links and video for reviews that we could find.

What’s the big deal about the Jaguar I-Pace?

While other car manufacturers have been making all electric cars for around a decade now the I-Pace is Jaguars first. It’s taken them over four years to turn an initial artist sketch into a full, production ready car.

Looking through the work they’ve put in and the attention to detail it’s also clear that this isn’t a compliance car or just some small dipping of the toe into the pool. Jaguar is fully and unabashedly going straight for the premium luxury SUV market and plans to sell as many as they can.

They have released not just an all electric car, but one that is extremely rich in colours, trims, features and customizability. From glass roofs to bigger wheels to various interior trims and even tinted back windows or special interior ultrasonic intrusion detectors Jaguar brings a wealth of choice and indeed, luxury to their new car.

They’re also launching it not just to the world, but to the Australian market too which is a rare treat given our absolute lack of any type of EV incentives or government push. They are stating a March 1st launch but it seems we’ll have to wait until around October 2018 before we get access to it here in Australia.

So what does a Jaguar I-Pace cost and what versions are there?

Starting at around $119,000 before on-road costs, we can expect to see that base price creep up once you start adding things like Luxury Car Tax, Local Stamp Duty and so on which are all state dependant. The final drive away price for the S model could be anywhere from around $133,000 in the ACT to $140,000 if you’re in NSW or VIC once on road costs are included.

This is of course before any additional extras are added so the I-Pace is definitely a luxury SUV on par with the Tesla Model X which – I’m sure by total coincidence – also sells for exactly $119,000 before on road costs.

There are three main versions, the S, SE and HSE all with increasingly bigger and more luxurious options packaged together. They all sport the exact same drivetrain though meaning no matter which one you buy you still get the fantastic 0-100 km/h acceleration of just 4.8 seconds and a 200 km/h top speed. They also all have the same battery pack and range of up to 480 km as tested by the new WLTP measuring standard.

According to Jaguar’s website on the I-Pace, the S tier sports “head-turning good looks” while the SE variant adds “advanced safety features” and the HSE model adding even more luxurious features like Matrix LED headlights and 18-Way Windsor Leather Sport Seats.

All three models include a barrage of advanced technology such as Navigation Pro, Connect Pro, Pro Services and even 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot. The higher end SE and HSE models also include 20″ alloy wheels as opposed to the base models 18″.

Jaguar I-Pace key details

 I-Pace SI-Pace SEI-Pace HSE
Features- 18" alloy wheels
- LED headlights
- 8-way semi-powered Luxtec sport seats
- Touch Pro Duo, Interactive Driver Display and MeridianTM Sound System
- Park Pack
- Connectivity features include: Remote, Navigation Pro, Connect Pro (Smart Settings, Pro Services, a 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot), Smartphone Pack and Secure Tracker
- 20" alloy wheels
- Premium LED headlights with signature Daytime Running Lights
- 10-Way Grained leather sport seats with memory
- Touch Pro Duo, Interactive Driver Display and MeridianTM - Sound System
- Drive Pack
- Connectivity features include: Remote, Navigation Pro, Connect Pro (Smart Settings, Pro Services, a 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot), Smartphone Pack and Secure Tracker
- 20" alloy wheels with Diamond Turned finish
- Matrix LED headlights with signature Daytime Running Lights
- 18-Way Windsor leather sport seats with memory
- Touch Pro Duo, Interactive Driver Display and MeridianTM - Surround Sound System
- Driver Assist Pack
- Connectivity features include: Remote, Navigation Pro, Connect Pro (Smart Settings, Pro Services, a 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot), Smartphone Pack and Secure Tracker
Release Date & AvailabilityOn Sale October 2018
PriceJaguar I-Pace S - automatic - $119,000
Jaguar I-Pace SE - automatic - $130,200
Jaguar I-Pace HSE - automatic - $140,800
Jaguar I-Pace First Edition - automatic - $159,700
Electric Range
(real world)
480 km (WLTP Range)
0-100 km/h4.8 Seconds
Battery90 kWh Lithium Ion Battery
Drivetrain294 kW All Wheel Drive (2 Motors)
Seats4-door SUV, seats 5 passengers
ChargingType 2 (Mennekes) / CCS Combo1
Vehicle & Battery WarrantyNote: Warranty still needs to be confirmed but looks to be similar to the below information.

Vehicle warranty for 3 years or 100,000 km, whichever comes first.

The Battery for a period of 8 years or 160,000 km, whichever comes first, with minimum 70% retention of Battery capacity over the warranty period.
Table last updated March 2018

While other electric cars have a big range or performance difference in their various models, the I-Pace has the same powertrain for all three tiers. They all accelerate at the same rate, have the same battery pack and have the same range. Where they differ is in the huge array of extras that are available.

When you fully look through all the options Jaguar have held nothing back. Here are just some of the things you can add whether through the various S/SE/HSE models or as standalone extras:

  • 9 Different 18″-20″ Wheels
  • 3 Different Headlights
  • Powered or Gesture Tailgate
  • 3 Different Seat Options
  • Surround Sound
  • 11 Paint Choices
  • Front Grill And Side Mirror Colours
  • 3 Different Roofs
  • Privacy Glass
  • 9 Different Interior Material Types
  • Heads Up Display
  • Cold Climate Package
  • Fog Lights
  • Heated Windscreen
  • Four Zone Climate Control
  • Illuminated Jaguar Door Plates
  • Cabin Air Ionisation, Lockable Cooled Glovebox
  • Configurable Interior Lighting
  • Active Air Suspension
  • Intrusion Sensors

And many, many more I haven’t even mentioned above. There’s even an “Activity Key” that is similar to a fitness band or Fitbit that goes around your wrist and unlocks the car for you so you don’t have to take your keys on runs or swims!

The customizability of the I-Pace is what seems to really make it stand out among the crowd. It also makes it very clear that Jaguar went all out. This isn’t meant to be just some side project or a quick test to see if there’s any “demand for EV’s”. Jaguar has very boldly gone all in with this and it shows.

Jaguar I-Pace Pricing

As mentioned above, we still don’t have detailed Australian pricing for all the various models or extras. All Jaguar have released is the bare bones, $119,000 base price and a promise that it will be in showrooms by October 2018.

Using a $119,000 base price we can calculate a quick look at what the likely on road costs will be in each states:

  • ACT: $133,253
  • NSW: $138,930
  • NT: $136,757
  • QLD: $135,368
  • SA: $138,062
  • TAS: $138,246
  • VIC: $140,202
  • WA: $141,553

As you can see the prices vary quite widely and that’s just with the base model. As the base cost gets higher – say for the HSE model – the luxury car tax and local stamp duty amounts increase drastically. That being said, if you’re looking at buying a ~$140,000+ car you’re probably not too worried over a few thousand dollars!

Hopefully Jaguar updates their website soon with more detailed figures and release dates so that prospective owners can have a better idea. In the meantime you check out their I-Pace build guide here and explore all the various colours and extras available.

What’s the Jaguar I-Pace like to drive?

As Jaguar have just literally launched the new I-Pace there isn’t a whole lot of independent reviews or test drives out there to watch. While Jaguar has a large amount of information and videos on their own YouTube Channel, this of course can’t really give a proper, unbiased sense of how the car handles.

There are still two short videos out there, the first from TeslaTurk’s where he not only takes a test drive, but also goes over and demonstrates the interior and tech systems.

The final test drive we have available for now is by Auto Express who got to take a look even before Jaguar launched the car.

Once more of the I-Paces are released I’m sure we’ll see many more full reviews pop up and even ones from Australian specific reviewers, although they might not come until later on in 2018.

Jaguar I-Pace – Battery, Charging and Power

As a pure electric vehicle it’s important that potential owners understand the options for charging the Jaguar I-Pace.

While Jaguar doesn’t have the famous Tesla Supercharger network or their other huge Tesla Destination network they do look to be going with the new European standard of Type 2 / CCS Combo for charging. This will make the car easily compatible across a number of already installed charging points around the country.

Type 2 / CCS Combo

Regarding the battery Jaguar have specified that there is a huge 90 kWh battery in all the models built into the chassis right under the floor of the car. This helps to give the I-Pace a fantastically low centre of gravity as well as a great 50/50 weight distribution.

With that huge amount of power the car gets a WLTP estimated range of 480 km which is a great achievement. It should pretty much remove any type of range anxiety one might have and thankfully Jaguar have also been very forward looking when considering the charging capabilities of the I-Pace too.

Depending on where you’re charging, the I-Pace can charge anywhere from 35 to 400 km per hour of charge.

7 kW Home Charging: 35 km of range per 1 hour
50 kW Public DC Charging: 270 km of range per 1 hour
100 kW Public DC Charging: 100 km of range per 15 minutes

These super fast charge rates are due to the new CCS DC fast charging stations that are comparable to the famous Tesla Superchargers in how much power they can deliver. This is great not only for convenience, but because it also opens up the possibility of taking the I-Pace on interstate trips without having to wait at charging stops for hours on end. Until now, the only cars really capable of charging this quickly were Tesla’s.

What does the interior of the Jaguar I-Pace looks like?

As you would expect for a car in this premium luxury class, the interior is a sea of opulence and tech. From the leather seats to the dual touch screens to the leather steering wheel Jaguar have a history of making excellent interiors and it shows in the I-Pace too.

There’s also a huge range of smarts integrated as well as many other upgrades  you can add in, making the car one of the most integrated and forward thinking.

You can choose from 9 different interior colours as well as 4 headlining colours and also 4 additional finisher materials to make it truly unique. You can also add in their second generation heads up display to help give you handy navigation directions right on the front windscreen.

There is also three different roof options with the fixed panoramic roof looking fantastic. They also note that it has a tint to it to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the cabin and protect passengers from the sun’s rays which is a good thing for us Australians!

Going through their I-Pace builder it’s truly stunning just how many various options you can generate and build. Even with extremely unique colours such as this “Mars Red” leather above there is a standard and extended option available!

There’s also 6 USB ports scattered throughout the cabin and around 10L of space alone inside the centre console armrest storage area.

Moving to the back there’s plenty of seating room for three passengers. You can also chose to add four zone climate control as well as configurable ambient interior lighting and boot luggage rails.

What other great features does it have?

While there’s a lot of tech inside the I-Pace, there’s even more than what you would otherwise expect even for a luxury car. There’s of course things like navigation and touch screens but Jaguar took this further. For starters you can control many aspects of the I-Pace using their mobile app.

Things like climate preconditioning, starting, stopping or monitoring the cars charging state, locating it and even honking the horn or flashing the lights are all included.

Beyond their phone app they have Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integration and other smart tweaks to the navigation system such a feature that lets you share your location with another person so they can see how close you are as you drive.

They’ve also done a lot of work to optimize the cars exterior to enable the maximum range possible. Things like flush door handles and a unique bonnet scoop gives the car better aerodynamics and there’s even a specialised heat pump system so as to reduce the battery use when you want to heat the car.

One other very unique technology is the cars sound. Apparently they weren’t satisfied with the innately quiet electric motor noise – or lack thereof.  As such, they employed a special sound engineer to create three separate noises that are layered on as you increase speed. These noises are played out through the cars speakers inside the cabin and you can hear what they sound like in the video below.

The I-Pace also includes a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot feature that enables up to 8 devices to connect to it. There’s no mention of how the 4G part will work, whether the plan cost is included in the cars price or if you’ll have to separately purchase a SIM card yourself but regardless it’s a great addition.

And of course we can’t forget the slew of semi-autonomous driving and park assist features such as emergency braking, adaptive cruise control with steering assist, traffic sign recognition, driver condition monitoring, lane keep assist, park assist, 360 parking aid, clear exit monitor and rear traffic monitor. It also even has a front trunk area!

Summing Up – a fantastic new competitor in the luxury SUV market

Jaguar have been making cars for a long time. They focus on making the best cars possible and that core mind set has this time been put into the development of their first all electric car. Their director of design, Ian Callum, even states that he believes the I-Pace is as much, if not more radical as the XJ was when it was released back in 1968.

So you can see that for Jaguar, the I-Pace with its all electric drivetrain, huge 90 kWh battery and much larger emphasis on technology within the car itself is a big, big step forward. More than that it seems to be a key turning point for the whole company with the new interior set to become standard across their entire line.

And they’ve managed to do a phenomenal job right out the gate. While they’re not as restricted in price as many other companies might be they still have done it properly by building the car from the ground up to be fully electric.

From the bonnet that is very short – as opposed to the more traditionally long bonnets required to house the huge V8 engines – all the way to the back which is much squarer than normal to help with aerodynamics and increase the cars range the I-Pace is unmistakably a Jaguar car, but at the same time a breath of fresh air.

The I-Pace obviously won’t be for everyone. The $119,000 base price will no doubt be far too much for most people. But for those that do have the money to spend it’s another key all electric car to consider. No longer is the question just “do you want the Tesla Model S or Model X?”. There’s now more choice for Australians and this new choice doesn’t sacrifice luxury, power, range or looks either. And more choice can only mean more competition and better cars for everyone.

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