Official details of Hyundai Kona Electric

After months of speculation, Hyundai announced details for the Kona Electric outside of South Korea in a “digital launch” last night. The small SUV will come in two configurations “short-range and “long-range”.

The short-range variant will have a 39.2kWh battery that’s good for a WLTP range of 300km. The long-range Kona EV will travel 470km WLTP on a single charge thanks to its 64kW battery and features a faster motor that’ll do 0-100km/h in 7.6 seconds. Both will support 100kW fast charging.

Other than that, the EV version of the Kona is very much like the ICE Kona, but with a plastic cover where the air intake grille would normally be. Hyundai’s 7 minute launch video has more details:

Hyundai Australia has already confirmed that the Kona Electric will be on sale locally by the end of 2018 and said it will likely be under $50,000.

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Notable Replies

  1. I am absolutely pumped for this car. I would take this over the LEAF if they’re roughly the same price. The only thing that swings me closer to the LEAF is its ProPilot stuff.

    Either way, late-2018/early-2019 seems to be the time EVs besides the i3 and Teslas will finally reach Australia.

  2. haha, yeah - dunno what they were thinking! Must be something South Koreans would think is cool, but when translated to the west, is pretty dorky.

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