Electrek reviews the BMW i3 60ah

Haye Kesteloo shares his thoughts on 12 months of living with a BMW i3 60ah over at Electrek in the US.

The Electrek Long Review: Years later, the BMW i3 is still a winner

The opinions of people on the BMW i3 seem to be very divided. They either love the car or simply hate it. It is either good or bad. Black or white. Is that accurate though? Can it be placed in a box like that or is there more to this little EV?

He’s a fan:

It is almost funny how much I have become a fan of electric driving and driving in my award-winning i3 in particular. In the past, I have owned a Lancia Delta (2nd gen) and Factory 5 Roadster and I loved driving those cars. I thought that a powerful combustion engine was at the heart of the driving experience and I never thought electric cars would appeal to me. Until the day that I brought in my BMW 335i coupe in for service and got an i3 as a loaner. From that day on, I was sold on electric.

Haye’s full thoughts are here, and it’s interesting for me to read his conclusions as a new i3 owner. Hopefully I feel as enthusiastic as he does in another 12 months.

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