Welcome to Drive Zero

Drive Zero was a blog/resource about electric car ownership in Australia, but I decided to focus my time elsewhere and took the site offline in February 2021.

Not all is lost! Below are some great resources if you want to know more about electric vehicles in Australia. 

Rent an electric car in Sydney and try an EV for yourself

First and foremost, the best way to find out about driving and using an electric car is to try one! I have three electric cars available to rent through evee, a fully-insured car sharing platform in Sydney. You can check availability and costs at the links below, starting at around $150 per day, fully insured.

Car collection in Manly / surrounds is for free, costs for delivery throughout rest of Sydney available on request. And hey, you can get $25 off your first evee rental by using promo code Keith76

Buying a Tesla?

Consider using my referral code for 1,500kms free supercharging. Go on… you know you want to…

Still useful guides

The best, continually useful and still relevant articles we published on Drive Zero are archived here:

Great resources for Australian electric car owners

These are a few of my favourite resources for people interested in exploring the world of EVs.

  • The Driven – All Australian, only EVs. A lot of info and news, some times a bit technical and not relevant to most people, so search if you need to find something specific. 
  • Tesla Owners Club of Australia – TOCA – and their Facebook Group. Super friendly crowd, very helpful.
  • Electrek – Step into the firehose of US-centric EV content for all the latest electric vehicle news and tech. 

Know of a great resource? Email me, I’ll consider adding it to the list.

Where next?

If you’re considering an Electric Car and aren’t sure about something – I’d encourage you to keep exploring and learning. There can be some challenges and constraints, but day-to-day 99% of people won’t find any problems and find they are more convenient, cheaper to run, great to drive and better for the environment.   

We’ve owned 4 EVs over the last 5 years, towed a camper trailer around NSW with our Tesla, and charge our cars from a mixture of rooftop solar + battery and public chargers in Sydney. Electric cars are here, and usable, now.

Still need some help? I am open to helping by email – [email protected]. I will try to help if I can and reply to all emails either way. 

I also offer 1:1 advice for a small fee – $50 per half hour for a Zoom/Facetime/Coffee chat. If you need independent help choosing and buying an EV, installing charging hardware at your home or business, or planning a trip, maybe I can assist. Get in touch!